Making the Best of Clearance Sales – Advice from Wee Chic Boutique

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Some great advice submitted by Wee Chic owner Bridget Quinn Stickline

It’s that wonderful time of year  around town with great end of season sales popping up all over!  Twice a year, wee reduce prices on many of the season’s most popular styles at Wee Chic, so there is no better time than the present to grab some great deals.  In the world of all things mini clearance sales can spell big savings for moms. Let’s face it, these little buggers just keep on growing and it can get expensive to keep them looking their best. At Wee Chic, wee have  three good sales tips to make the best of clearance sales.

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First rule – buy to fill-in your current closet.  Any mom has been there, you wake up to find that every pair of pants you own are now flood waters on your mini-me. Now is a perfect opportunity to snatch up the next size to get you through at good discounts. Charm City stays plenty chilly all the way through May so you don’t want to wait until the stores are full of Spring goods and leave your kid with chilly ankles. Shop right after Christmas holidays and into January for good selections of pants, jackets, sweaters or hats and gloves that will carry your little one through the rest of this season.  Want more color, layer your sale buys with some fun new for Spring pieces and you will be even more prepared when the weather turns. **Tip: hold on to those too short leggings and dresses, they can be worn as crops and tunics when the weather warms up.

Second rule –Think ahead.  Winter sales are perfect time to grab pieces for next year.  The rule of thumb for most kids is size up one size per season so if you are buying 2T for this fall by 4T for next Fall winter. Stick with pieces with adjustable waists so you have some play if junior isn’t quite into the 4 next September. Grab pieces that you know you love and remember to buy outerwear one size up from what you will buy in clothing.

Third rule– Check your Basics. Check out snowsuits, boots, snow gloves and coats to see if they will make it through. And don’t forget undies and socks. If you are close to the end of the life on one of those only-important-when-it-snows-or-a-polar-vortex-hits pieces grab a new one 1-2 sizes up for next winter on clearance. You could fake your way through if we get a March blizzard (it happens!) and you will save paying a premium when you rediscover the capri length snow pants next December.

There is plenty of cold weather left this season, and likely plenty of snow, too, so visit Wee Chic today before all the great sale merchandise is gone! Green Spring Station’s bi-annual Sidewalk Sale starts 1/23/14.


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