Man killed in Highlandtown as Baltimore gun violence continues

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Gough and Highland Ave. (via Google Maps)
Gough and Highland Ave. (via Google Maps)

A man was killed in an apparent robbery at a Highlandtown convenience store on Friday, police said. 

According to a statement from Councilman Jim Kraft’s office, three teens went into the convenience store at the corner of Highland Ave. Gough St, and tried to rob it. The employee on-duty at the store was shot and killed in the incident.

The three teenage boys were wearing masks, blue shirts and khaki pants.

The incident happened shortly after Marilyn Mosby finished her press conference announcing charges in the death of Freddie Gray, illustrating how gun violence has continued in Baltimore even as the city is under increased police presence and curfew.

Along with protester movements, the Baltimore Police Department Twitter account has also announced numerous shootings in West Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun’s Justin Fenton reported Thursday that six homicides were reported since the National Guard arrived.

According to police, a body was also found in a truck near Penn and North Ave. after curfew went into effect on Thursday night.



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  1. This is wrong that this stuff is still happening with the national guard and police out in full force !!!!

  2. Blue shirts and khakis sounds like school uniforms I pray that they find these animals I live two blocks away this is so sad

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