Manager of Late Lor Scoota Killed Two Weeks After Rapper’s Murder

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Truz (via Twitter)
Truz (via Twitter)

With West Baltimore still in the midst of mourning slain rapper Lor Scoota, another murder shocked the community on Wednesday night. 

Just outside the Maryland Zoo, 24-year-old Trayvon Lee was shot to his upper body and later died after being taken to the hospital. Known as Truz, Lee was Lor Scoota’s manager and CEO of the record label, YBS. He is also the brother of a popular dirt-biker, Chino Braxton, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Chino posted a long remembrance of Truz on Instagram. He said he was shot in the head twice earlier this year, along with losing Scoota.

“…Then a week later we lost you a great dad who put his son first…” he wrote.

At the end off the day we men bro an I learned a lot from u . . . All I wanna kno is Wat Ima tell my nephew who has became my son now I have a kid now I gotta be his father because you would do the same for my son an I already treated him like a som I never had . . . You not gone in my eyes you went on a vacation Ima celebrate you life forever . . . We got a strong mom our dads didn't raise us they were in an out of jail our mom come from the streets she who we learned from . . . An that's a fact bro I went through so much this year it's crazy I was shot in my head 2times one grazed me one still in my skull an u were the one there bro u ain't miss a day I sat my in that hotel after I got shot then we lose ya artist @scootaupnext witch was tragic an u played a big part in laying him to rest . . . Then a week later we lost you a great dad who put his son first the city I did so much for an put it all behind had betrayed me bro they took you an person away who means so much to me my brother . . . Have a great time on that jet bro when u get there send me pics you will forever live on I gotta take these woman that depend on me to another place I dnt do it for my city & fam nomore . . . I do it for my fam I love you bro an i will introduce Truz to so many great people an make sure he have a great life for you . . . God bless my family ! LongLiveTruz❤️

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Police said they did not have suspects in Lee’s killing, and did not immediately know if the two incidents were connected, but said they are looking into it.

Scoota was killed in East Baltimore June 25 after leaving a charity basketball game that featured pleas for peace. Investigators believe Lor Scoota’s murder was a “retaliatory incident related to a violent crime that occurred earlier.”

“It appears that he might have been associated with the person who committed the violent act,” said police spokesman TJ Smith.

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