March 2017 Release Date Set for Blu-ray of John Waters’ ‘Multiple Maniacs’

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Courtesy The Criterion Collection

The world may now know all about John Waters’ recent health issues, but not everything is going wrong for the famed Baltimore author and filmmaker.

In the same week when Waters was hospitalized with a painful kidney stone and had to miss his annual Christmas party, some good news emerged about a re-release of one of his projects.

The Criterion Collection has announced an official release date for a Blu-ray version of Waters’ restored 1970 “celluloid atrocity,” “Multiple Maniacs.” The movie starring Lady Divine will be released on March 21, 2017. The Blu-ray costs $39.95 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

“Multiple Maniacs” is one of several popular early Waters films that was not previously commercially distributed and had not been restored for movie theaters or home viewing. It follows the exploits of Lady Divine, the owner and operator of a traveling sideshow called “The Cavalcade of Perversions,” which is actually a front for a group of kidnappers. A turning point in the film comes when Divine is raped by a 15-foot lobster named Lobstora.

After seeing the restoration, Waters said he was pleased. In its new state, he told radio host Tom Hall in June, “it looks like a bad John Cassavetes movie.” The film was released this summer in theaters in selected cities, including The Charles Theatre in Baltimore, but the Blu-ray version will make it available to a wider audience.

Waters was recently hospitalized and has been recovering since the week leading into Christmas. First reported by Baltimore Fishbowl, word of Waters’ hospitalization spread quickly, with Page Six of The New York Post and The Daily Mail of London picking up the story. The latter even ran a photo spread complete with a five-minute video about kidney stones. More than a dozen web outlets have also covered the story, from LGBTQ Nation to celeb news site Perez


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