Martin O’Malley Decides Not to Seek DNC Chair After All

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Ex-Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley has reversed course within a week, deciding today to withdraw himself from consideration to lead the Democratic Party.

In an emailed statement today, O’Malley wrote, “While I’m grateful to the supportive friends who have urged me to consider running for DNC Chair, I will not be seeking our Party’s Chairmanship. The DNC needs a Chair who can do the job fully and with total impartiality. The national interest must come first.”

Five days ago, the former governor’s mind appeared to have been in a different place. He said he was considering a run for the party’s top position. He highlighted nomination reform, adoption of a more progressive vision, increased commitment to boosting wages and achieving more grassroots support as some of the Democratic Party’s most dire needs. All of this came days after Hillary Clinton’s shocking presidential election loss to Donald Trump.

For what it’s worth, based on endorsements from his Democratic peers, O’Malley wasn’t looking like the frontrunner for the position. That would be Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who has has earned public support from the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, among others. Ellison formally announced he would seek the chair position on Monday, per Time.

Next March, Democratic Party members will elect their new leader, who will shape the party’s new vision heading into 2018 and 2020. While the field of candidates for the position is just taking shape, O’Malley has decided his time could be better spent in another capacity.

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