Maryland Advocacy Day: Students Take Action in Annapolis

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Hello, my name is Zach Pearlstone and I am a part of STAC which stands for Students Taking Action for Change. Leading up to this year’s Advocacy Day in Annapolis, our group attended monthly sessions at the Owing Mills JCC where we practiced public speaking and other advocating techniques.

Before attending Advocacy Day, STAC and ECYP (The Elijah Cummings Youth Program), traveled to D.C. for a mini advocacy day. In D.C., we toured the U.S. Capitol and we also met with an aide for one of Maryland’s senators, Benjamin Cardin. However, this hardly prepared us for our spectacular Advocacy Day.

We arrived in Annapolis, excited for the experience that lay ahead. Our first stop was the Maryland State House. After proceeding through security, we entered in time to see the House of Delegate’s first session of the day.

The session was extremely interesting for us to watch; however, we had little idea what they were discussing. To our surprise, we were recognized and welcomed on the full House floor, not only by a Baltimore County delegate, but by 141 delegates.

Afterwards, STAC and ECYP split up for our various advocacy sessions where we met our delegates. STAC met first with Delegate Dana Stein [D-11] and we presented him the three bills supported by the BJC [Baltimore Jewish Council]: the Maryland Cares for Kids Act, Consent and Hate Crimes.

Next, after a meaningful conversation with Delegate Stein, we discussed each bill in depth. Then, we attended a meeting with an aide for Delegate Chris West [R-42B]. Once we finished our meetings, each STAC group freely roamed the Maryland House of Delegates, meeting with the delegates and discussing the BJC supported bills. I met the deputy minority leader of the house and I engaged in a meaningful conversation about Maryland’s government. Click to read full post.

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