Maryland Democrat Withdraws from Congressional Race for Allegedly Voting Too Much

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Alleged voting over-achiever Wendy Rosen

Everyone makes such a big deal about voting, but try it twice in the same election and, man, they will throw a fit! Just ask Wendy Rosen. She was the Democratic challenger opposing Republican Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, until she had to withdraw from the race Monday after she couldn’t “remember” whether she had ever voted twice in the same election.

The Maryland politician told the Sun that seeing as she owns property in Florida, she registered to vote there, too, so she could “support a friend who was running for the St. Petersburg City Council.” She was then asked point-blank whether she had voted twice in 2008. She declined to answer, which in this case is Politician for “yes.”

It is now too late to take her name off the ballot, and Democrats are scrambling to secure a write-in candidate to endorse; John LaFerla — who lost to Rosen in the primary by only 57 votes — is a likely choice.

Fortunately, it probably won’t matter. After Dems redrew the Congressional districts last year to favor their party, they stuffed most of the excess Republicans in the already conservative-leaning District 1. So it was pretty likely Harris would keep his seat all along.

Ah, corruption.

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