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Vote Early, Often, and Under the Name of Your Deceased Mother



In a weird instance of synchronicity, two Maryland women are accused of voting illegally in the 2012 presidential election on behalf of their dead mothers.

Elsie Virginia Schildt of Frederick County allegedly filled out an absentee ballot in her mother’s name. Linda Earlette Wells of Montgomery County is accused of casting a fraudulent provisional ballot after reactivating her mother’s dormant voter registration.

Maryland Cleaning Up Its Voter Rolls, but Not by November


If you’re a Maryland resident and one of the almost zero percent of Americans who enjoys committing voter fraud, you might be in luck.

Maryland Democrat Withdraws from Congressional Race for Allegedly Voting Too Much

Alleged voting over-achiever Wendy Rosen

Everyone makes such a big deal about voting, but try it twice in the same election and, man, they will throw a fit! Just ask Wendy Rosen. She was the Democratic challenger opposing Republican Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, until she had to withdraw from the race Monday after she couldn’t “remember” whether she had ever voted twice in the same election.