Maryland Cleaning Up Its Voter Rolls, but Not by November

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If you’re a Maryland resident and one of the almost zero percent of Americans who enjoys committing voter fraud, you might be in luck.

The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a group Maryland recently joined to help clean up states’ voter rolls by identifying “convicted felons, duplicate voter registrations, the deceased, and voters who have moved,” did not get the information to the State Board of Elections in time for Maryland to correct its lists this go-round.

Maryland is currently one of seven states that have agreed to share voter data through ERIC; 13 are expected to join next year. So if you’ve been wreaking havoc on the electoral process because you’ve got addresses from sea to shining sea, the party will soon be over. If, however, you’ve been wreaking havoc on the electoral process by passing suppressive voter ID laws, well, we’re not yet certain on the status of that party.

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