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Where to party and watch the 2018 election results in Baltimore


While we’re plugging away at another live blog of Maryland’s election results on Tuesday night, you’ll have a bevy of venues to choose from around Baltimore to celebrate (or commiserate) over you and your fellow voters’ decisions in 2018.

We’ve thrown together a list of spots to gather (inside, away from the rain) while the results roll in on election night. Polls shut down at 8 p.m.

Maryland Records Lowest Voter Turnout Mark in At Least Three Decades



A lesson learned about voter turnout numbers from this election: Don’t believe the hype from early voting.

At Port Discovery, Kids Elect Wonder Woman to be President


Wonder Woman Logo

Yesterday, we were all out voting on who to fill the White House, represent us in Congress and other offices and whether to go with various ballot measures. Meanwhile, kids over at Port Discovery Children’s Museum were making some different (and possibly better) election picks.

Barbara Mikulski Passes Torch to Her Replacement, Chris Van Hollen

Courtesy Sen. Barbara Mikulski/Twitter
Courtesy Sen. Barbara Mikulski/Twitter

Just as many predicted, Maryland will be without a woman in Congress for the first time in decades starting next year. However, Baltimore’s own pantsuit revolution-leading U.S. senator, Barbara Mikulski, doesn’t seem too distressed about that. She has already welcomed her replacement with open arms.

As Maryland Goes Blue, America Opts for Trump


Trump Acceptance Speech

Last night, while Maryland voters predictably went almost entirely with Democrats in their picks for Congress, America went down a different path. In an astonishing outcome, conservative voters from across the country picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House and kept the Senate and House under Republican control.

Morning Issues Slow Baltimore Voters’ Roll at Some Polling Places


Maryland Voting

Long lines and malfunctions hindered the the kickoff to Election Day at several of Baltimore’s polling stations.

Marilyn Mosby Tweets, Then Deletes Pic from Ballot Box

Screenshot from Justin Fenton/The Baltimore Sun
Screenshot from Justin Fenton/The Baltimore Sun

It looks like Baltimore’s top prosecutor didn’t heed our advice from earlier this morning on the rules for ballot selfies in Maryland.

“Can I Take a Selfie at the Polls Today?” And Other Election Day Questions

Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections
A few early voters snap a selfie, Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections

When it’s all said and done, the most important questions looming over today are about who will lead the free world and craft new laws for your city, state and country. However, Election Day isn’t always straightforward, especially if you’re stuck at work late, have children to supervise or are an overeager user of social media.

All Ballots in Maryland Will Be Privately Audited After Election Day



The big day is less than 24 hours away, and the State Board of Elections is looking to make sure all ballot-counting goes smoothly and fairly. As part of those efforts, week, Maryland will become the first-ever state to audit all votes submitted in the general election.

Kids Can Vote on Election Day at Port Discovery!




Calling all Superhero Fans! This Tuesday, November 8th Port Discovery will host its own “Kids Vote on Election Day” event.