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Two weeks from next Tuesday, eligible Americans will pick the next leader of the free world, as well as new senators, representatives and mayors, among others. Here in Baltimore, the City Board of Elections still needs judges at polling places around the city to make sure the process goes smoothly.

FOX45 reports the city has filled 2,700 judge slots, but wants to train at least 300 more people to help out on Nov. 8.

There are four types of judge positions available: Voting judges, check-in judges, provisional ballot judges and chief judges. While the city calls its “volunteering,” they’re willing to pay $165 for the day to anyone working the first three roles and $225 for chief judges. The first three assist people at their polling places, check voter registration and ensure their ballots are properly scanned in, in addition to other duties. The chief judge runs the whole operation, communicates with the City Board of Elections and posts the precinct voting totals, meaning they’re among the first to know the outcome in their district.

Training is required, but you can also get paid $20 for attending that session. Anyone who is at least 17, lives in Maryland, speaks and writes in English and doesn’t hold or work for a political office can do it. Click here to download an application.

In the end, serving as a judge may be the best way for you to personally prevent Donald Trump’s nightmare (or dream?) of a rigged election. It also offers a chance to help Baltimore save face after a controversial round of ballot-counting following its Democratic mayoral primary this past April.

Ethan McLeod is an associate editor with Baltimore Fishbowl.

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Ethan McLeod

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