Maryland Should Ditch House of Cards and Give All Our Money to Veep Instead

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Governor Martin O'Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep
Governor Martin O’Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep

Veep, HBO’s political satire show starring Elaine–sorry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus–announced this week that it’s been re-upped for a fourth season, and that it’ll return to Baltimore for filming. You may have not heard about it, because Veep producers didn’t cause a huge kerfluffle by demanding millions of dollars in extra tax breaks, like some locally-filmed shows we know.

House of Cards receives the vast bulk of money the Maryland legislature has set aside for tax credits for TV and film production, and they still want more. But Veep is a better show–there, I said it!–and seems perfectly lovely to work with. Meanwhile, House of Cards producers seem to be acting just as dramatic and Machiavellian as their show’s characters. I say let HoC go find a soundstage in Delaware to film on–just let us keep Veep!

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