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Council Prez Jack Young Criticizes Cops Earning City Dollars While Living in Counties: ‘They’re Raping the City’


A committee of city lawmakers today advanced a bill that would award $2,500 in tax credits to Baltimore police officers who opt to live inside the city limits. While that step was newsworthy on its own, Council President Jack Young’s choice of words added an extra twist to the story.

Odell’s, Peale Museum, St. Peters School and Other Preservation Projects Get State Funding Support

Odell’s, formerly Tulley’s Dancing Academy, is one of five properties that will receive funding support for renovation from the Hogan administration.

Tulley’s Dancing Academy hasn’t been in business for decades, but the building that once housed it is poised to reopen as the latest performance center for Baltimore’s Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Maryland Should Ditch House of Cards and Give All Our Money to Veep Instead

Governor Martin O'Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep
Governor Martin O’Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep

Veep, HBO’s political satire show starring Elaine–sorry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus–announced this week that it’s been re-upped for a fourth season, and that it’ll return to Baltimore for filming. You may have not heard about it, because Veep producers didn’t cause a huge kerfluffle by demanding millions of dollars in extra tax breaks, like some locally-filmed shows we know.

Baltimore Homeowners Forced to Reimburse the City for Tax Errors


When parking enforcement puts a boot on your car, after you pay off  your tickets and get the key to remove it, it’s incumbent on you to return the boot within 24 hours or its considered theft. That’s always rankled me. If I were headed to return a boot and I saw a police car parked illegally, I’d be tempted to slap the boot on, flee to Canada, and change my name to Jean-Pierre O’Clanahan. (Now, to be clear, I would never actually do this — even though it would make a great episode of Parking Wars — if for no other reason than I’m sure I’d never figure how to get it on the wheel.)

The point is — even if it’s legally justified — when the city places a demand on you, especially one with a quick, uncompromising deadline, it’s easy to resent the feeling of coercion. That must be how a few Baltimore City homeowners are feeling right now. They’ve been unknowingly receiving erroneous tax credits from the city for several years, and are now being required to cough up the total or face stiff penalties and interest. And get this, the city wouldn’t even be aware of these errors were it not for an investigative piece in The Baltimore Sun.

The affected homeowners, who have received in error anywhere from $1,700 to $9,200 over the course of several years, are being told to pay it all back in 30 days, or else. C’mon, city! Is the fact that this was largely your error any kind of mitigating factor here? You act like they went and stole the total in cash off your coffee table. The money isn’t just sitting in their homes in large dollar-sign bags while they figure out how to launder it.

If you’re one of these people who’s about to settle up with the city with a big honking check, promise me you’ll write something really classy in the memo line.