Photo via Pop Crunch
Photo via Pop Crunch

Mystery number one: Why is home buying website Estately analyzing our Google searches? And mystery number two: Why is Maryland seemingly obsessed with David Hasselhoff?

Perhaps you’ve seen the map below, which Estately created after analyzing Google Trends results to determine which search strings were most popular in particular states. Many were obvious: Alabama (“Jessica Simpson,” “Impeach Obama,” “Jesus”); Pennsylvania (“Back Shaving”; “Eagles (band)”; “Oxycodone”); New Mexico (“Frito Pie,” “Juggalos,” “Peyote,” “UFO”).

But Maryland’s search tendencies are a mystery to me. Here’s what Estately singled out as our most uniquely common search terms:
Crabs (duh)
House of Cards (duh again)
Kickball (because… we’re fun!)
National Football League (because we won the Super Bowl… recently!)
Skate or Die (because we’re tough like that?)
What is Twitter? (um…)
David Hasselhoff (okay, no clue)

One explanation for the Hoff’s presence in our search string is that he was born in Baltimore. But so were Billie Holiday, Edward Norton, and Emily Post. Truly, I have no clue. Readers?