The Maryland presidential primary, held this year on April 26, usually doesn’t cause much fanfare. But in this year of crazy campaigns and possible brokered conventions, suddenly every state matters.

Presidential candidates are even taking the time to show their faces around the state, with John Kasich shaking hands and smiling at a Catonsville ice cream shop yesterday.

According to the most recent poll, released yesterday by Monmouth University, Donald Trump leads the Republican field by a significant margin, with 47 percent of likely Republican voters saying that Trump will get their vote, compared to 27 percent for Kasich and 19 percent for Cruz. Pollsters note that the frontrunner is strong throughout the state, and that Trump is on track to claim all 38 of the state’s delegates. The only demographic category where Trump is not the favorite is among college-educated voters, who prefer Kasich. (Polls also show that in a hypothetical Trump-Clinton presidential race, Clinton would trounce Trump with 63 percent of the vote; if Sanders snagged the nom, he’d win the state even more thoroughly, with 65 percent.)

“Concerns about Trump’s suitability for office expressed by the state’s Republican governor hold little sway with voters there,” Monmouth notes.

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