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White House Shutters Russian Hangout on Eastern Shore

Courtesy NBC Washington

This past election was a doozy for everyone, thanks in part to some digital meddling by the Russians. Yesterday, we learned that some of their intelligence-gathering was likely happening right here in Maryland at a secluded property on the Eastern Shore.

Chicken Soup for Post-Election Gloom and Doom


hugging lizards

Over the past weekend, I ran into a couple of writer friends in the coffee shop downstairs from the Politics and Prose bookstore in DC. Are you here for the reading? I asked. I was there to see Beverly Lowry present her new book, Who Killed These Girls, about the yogurt shop murders in Austin, Texas in 1991.

University of Maryland Prof Postpones Test After Trump Win


university-of-Maryland-onlineWednesday was not the day for a midterm in one astronomy class in College Park.

Record Turnout Continues to Climb as Early Voting Nears End in Maryland

Courtesy Baltimore City BOE
Courtesy Baltimore City BOE

Day one of early voting around Maryland was big, with around 125,000 people showing up, including just under 10,000 in Baltimore. Not much has changed in the days since, with the state raking in similar ballot tallies even a week later.

Here’s Who Won the Primaries in Baltimore and Maryland: Liveblog


earlyvoteYou may not have a sticker to show for it, but your vote will be counted tonight anyway. Results are coming in for the primaries in Baltimore and Maryland, and we’re keeping track of all the races:

Maryland Loves Donald Trump, Apparently



The Maryland presidential primary, held this year on April 26, usually doesn’t cause much fanfare. But in this year of crazy campaigns and possible brokered conventions, suddenly every state matters.

Md. Senate Candidate Blasts Media for Oregon Militia Coverage

Rep. Donna Edwards
Rep. Donna Edwards in 2008

Rep. Donna Edwards said mainstream media coverage of the armed takeover of a federal building in Oregon by a white militia reveals a racial double standard, the Washington Post reports.