University of Maryland Prof Postpones Test After Trump Win

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university-of-Maryland-onlineWednesday was not the day for a midterm in one astronomy class in College Park.

According to the Diamondback, Professor Alan Peel opted to cancel the midterm scheduled for the morning after Election Day. In a note, he pointed to Donald Trump’s win in the presidential race as a “personally threatening election result” for many students at the school. He pointed specifically to Trump’s views on “diversity.”

He pointed out that there were more pressing concerns than a test.

“Given that the nation in which you currently reside decided last night to elect a president whose own words have painted him a moral and physical hazard to many of us, I am convinced that it is necessary to postpone any assessment whose scores might very well reflect circumstances far beyond the mastery of the current material,” Peel wrote.

Leave it to the astronomer to consider the bigger picture.

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