Maryland Is One of the Worst States to Spend Your Retirement

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Maryland Ranks Low Among States Worth Spending Your Retirement In
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

According to this ranking by, Maryland is the 42nd best state in which to spend your retirement. Ouch!

This list is interesting for a few reasons. First, you might assume that a ranking that puts Maryland at 42 out of 50 for retirement possibilities was based solely on tax burden, but the Web site took into account scores for well-being, cost of living, and healthcare quality (we do all right on the first one, not so great on the other two), as well as tax burden, violent crime, property crime, possible sunshine, and average humidity.

The other interesting thing is that we’re in good company down at the bottom. Florida, practically synonymous with retirement, ranked 39th. And New York came in dead last.

It seems that when culture and lifestyle preferences aren’t considered, the Midwest and Mountain states are favored over coastal states, iconic metropolises be damned! Also, among the five highest-ranked states (South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, and Wyoming, in that order), three of them (South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming) have fewer than a million people. (If they’re so great why does no one live there?!)

So, it’s food for thought, but food that should be taken with a grain of salt.



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