Maryland Police Officer Goes Viral–For a Good Reason This Time

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Okay, so maybe his footwork wasn't THIS fancy. (Photo via the Denver Post archive)
Okay, so maybe his footwork wasn’t THIS fancy. (Photo via the Denver Post archive)

When a police officer goes viral these days, it’s often because something awful has happened. So it’s nice to see Prince George’s police corporal Alan Jones get a lot of attention for something good.

Over the weekend, Jones attended a community event hosted by a local church. The DC Retro Jumpers, a group of adult double dutch mavens, were in attendance. Undaunted by the swift-moving ropes, Jones jumped right on in– and turned out to be fabulous at double dutch. A video of his fancy footwork went viral on Facebook, and has been viewed almost 300,000 times:

Here’s a video from my day job yesterday at a community event….

Posted by Alan Jones, Realtor at Keller Willams Realty Centre on Sunday, August 23, 2015

As The Root put it, “When law enforcement officers make an effort to involve themselves in the community they police, it makes their job easier and the residents more comfortable to be around them.” You also never know when some fancy jump rope skills might come in handy in a police operation…

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