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Police Arrest Middle River Mom Seen Hitting Kids in Viral Video

Rachel Pietro, 26, via Baltimore County Police

A Baltimore County woman loathed by many after a viral video showed her hitting her young children is now behind bars.

Howard County Principal’s Snow Day Video Goes Viral


waterloo principal snow day video

“A principal’s work is never done,” according to Waterloo Elementary School Principal Sean Martin.

Maryland Police Officer Goes Viral–For a Good Reason This Time

Okay, so maybe his footwork wasn't THIS fancy. (Photo via the Denver Post archive)
Okay, so maybe his footwork wasn’t THIS fancy. (Photo via the Denver Post archive)

When a police officer goes viral these days, it’s often because something awful has happened. So it’s nice to see Prince George’s police corporal¬†Alan Jones get a lot of attention for something good.

Beach Umbrellas Perform Their Dastardly Dance in Ocean City


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.54.11 PMNever underestimate the ability of people sitting around on vacation to get some footage for those of us stuck working to enjoy. The latest viral video from the shore involves beach umbrellas moving with reckless abandon as a thunderstorm appears to set to descend on an Ocean City beach. If it weren’t so terrifying to imagine being caught in the middle of, the video would be kind of beautiful.

Baltimore City Students’ Cell Phone Sex Tape Scandal


A 14-year old Baltimore City student in a gifted-children program had sex at school, and was filmed without her knowledge. And then someone uploaded the video to the internet, where it (predictably/depressingly) went viral. Since the age of consent in Maryland is 16, there are both statutory rape and child pornography implications. Especially since millions of people have apparently already viewed the clips.

Apparently, filming sex on school property during school hours is a bit of a trend, as three Baltimore teens were charged with indecent exposure and performing “a perverted sex act” earlier this year, when they filmed themselves having sex in a school auditorium.

In this week’s incident, the girl’s father has blamed the social networking site’s lack of privacy and protection oversights. Others have called foul on the schools and the kids themselves.