Marylanders Like Ben Carson More than Martin O’Malley

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The view from the crowd.
The view from the crowd.

There’s a lot of data to parse in this Five Thirty Eight post about Martin O’Malley’s presidential chances. But one of the main takeaways is that Martin O’Malley is unpopular in his very own home state–very unpopular, in fact.

A poll of Democratic voters in Maryland conducted by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland last October found that O’Malley had just 3 percent of voters’ support. That’s slightly more than his national support, according to aggregate polling data, which gives him just 2 percent support.

Chalk it up to the Hillary effect or his (relatively) low profile or whatever you want, those numbers aren’t very good. And they’re especially not-very-good when compared to Ben Carson’s poll data. While the Republican neurosurgeon has made a number of missteps in his presidential run so far, he’s averaging a whopping 24 percent in Maryland (and 10 percent nationally). That’s a pretty striking difference.

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  1. [FWIW: I’m not a fan of either candidate]
    Thank you for including the information that the poll dates to October.
    There’s a problem with the link to the Five Thirty Eight post.

  2. Could it be that one person is seen as a man of integrity who is used to making life and death decisions and speaks honestly, while the other is a career politician who has a track record of raising taxes and not being honest about it?

  3. I’d rather sit next to and talk with Ben Carson on a train to NY, I might learn something. Speaking with O Malley for three hours would be difficult.

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