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Baltimore Fishbowl’s 2018 Primary Election live blog


Welcome to Baltimore Fishbowl’s live blog of the primary elections! The day where Marylanders choose their political party’s candidate ahead of the November general election was not without its head-scratching drama, as machines didn’t work and polling places got shuffled around. Oh, and an estimated 80,000 people were affected by a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) computer glitch that failed to register changes in people’s address or party affiliation; those impacted by the snafu were told to cast provisional ballots.

Polls across the state are closing at 8 p.m., but here in Baltimore, some locations are staying open until 9 p.m. as a result of some of the aforementioned confusion.

We’re going to keep you updated on the latest results and, hopefully, provide some context and analysis as the returns roll in.

Maryland Records Lowest Voter Turnout Mark in At Least Three Decades



A lesson learned about voter turnout numbers from this election: Don’t believe the hype from early voting.

Marylanders Like Ben Carson More than Martin O’Malley

The view from the crowd.
The view from the crowd.

There’s a lot of data to parse in this Five Thirty Eight post about Martin O’Malley’s presidential chances. But one of the main takeaways is that Martin O’Malley is unpopular in his very own home state–very unpopular, in fact.

Marylanders Love Marijuana

Image via hemp.org
Image via hemp.org

Eighteen states have already passed laws okaying medical marijuana, and two more — Colorado and Washington — have effectively legalizing the possession of small amounts of the drug. A recent poll (paid for by the ACLU but conducted by the non-partisan Public Policy Polling) showed that 72 percent of Marylanders support medical marijuana, and 53 percent are in favor of outright legalization (within limits). So did PPP just happen to call up a bunch of potheads, or is Maryland poised to be the next Amsterdam?

Once We Get Rid of Massachusetts, Maryland Will Be One of the Top States for “Well-Being”


Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 9.35.58 AM

Gallup released its national “wellbeing” data this week, upsetting West Virginians and cheering Hawaiians (as if they needed it). Overall, Hawaiians are the happiest with their lives, with the top emotional health and work environment scores, while West Virginians have the lowest scores for life evaluation, and emotional and physical health.

The Nation’s Feelings About Maryland: Meh.


Americans’ favorite state is Hawaii, according to a recent poll. This might lead you to conclude that we have a penchant for palm trees and beaches — but then it turns out that our least-favored state is California. And then there’s Maryland, which Americans feel kind of “meh” about.

Public Policy Polling is one of those outfits that’s always calling up at dinnertime, trying to find out Americans’ opinions on everything from Republican presidential candidates to the most-hated NFL teams (the Cowboys, apparently) to God’s approval rating. Last year, PPP asked American voters about their impressions of each state. The five states that came out on top were Hawaii, Colorado, Tennessee, South Dakota (!?), and Virginia. But most states — Maryland included — make an overall favorable impression. The only five states that Americans feel negative about are California (Hollywood?), Illinois (the Mob?), New Jersey (the Garden State Parkway?), Mississippi (self-explanatory?), and Utah (Mormons?). 

Maryland ranks 30th, liked slightly more than South Carolina and slightly less than Maine. We’re liked more by liberals, less by moderates and conservatives. Men dislike us way more than women. Young people like us more than middle-aged or old people. Hispanic voters aren’t really sure what to make of us.

What do we do with this information? I guess we could try to win over some of those Virginia fans, or gain a little ground by putting out bad PR about South Carolina. Or we could just ignore it, and go back to our lives.