Maryland’s Batman Revealed! He’s a Baltimorean

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Our favorite Caped Crusader is from Baltimore County!

The masked man who was stopped by Montgomery County police in Silver Spring last week turns out to be Lenny B. (for Batman?) Robinson, a 48 year-old divorced father from Baltimore County who travels to Maryland hospitals to visit sick children.  The visits began in 2001, with his son sometimes dressed as Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

The businessman and do-gooder made a fortune recently when he sold his cleaning business, reports Mike Rosenwald in his column “Rosenwald, Md.” in the The Washington Post.

That explains the Lamborghini!

Read the whole story at The Washington Post.

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  1. Headline reads that this guy is a Baltimorean – but the first line says he’s from Baltimore County. So he’s not a Baltimorean, he’s a Towsonite or Owings Millian, or some other town in the county. Please fix the error.

    • Really? I live in Baltimore County, but think of myself as a Baltimorean, absolutely. Is that incorrect? What’s the rule?

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