Maryland’s State Exercise Is… Disappointing

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Walking Trail

Maryland has a pretty cool state sport: jousting. But did you know that we have a state exercise, too? Don’t get too excited, though–it’s the least exciting form of exercise possible.

Walking. Yep, walking. As State Symbols USA notes, walking is the “most basic and common mode of transportation.” Which is… great, I guess, but it’s also the least exercise-y exercise possible. It’s such a normal part of living life that I’m not even sure it qualifies as exercise, any more than “getting out of bed” does. Couldn’t they have at least gone with “speed walking” or “mall walking” or, I don’t know, “walking up stairs”?

In other news, the Maryland state drink is milk, the state cat is the calico, and the state folk dance is the square dance. Now you know.

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