Mayor Catherine Pugh Honors City Police Officer who Helped Family After Serious Car Accident

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Still via footage from Mayor’s Office/WJZ

The city police officer who helped a Baltimore family recover after a serious car accident has been honored by Mayor Catherine Pugh.

The mayor awarded Officer Pierre Dolcine the city’s Exceptional Service Award for helping Jennifer Nolley and her two daughters, Elizabeth, 3 and Kathryn, nine months, after their car was hit earlier this spring.

Dawson Nolley, Jennifer’s husband, wrote to Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, praising Dolcine for helping his wife and daughters after the accident, accompanying them to the hospital and following up days later.

“Officer Dolcine was exactly what we needed and infinitely more than we could have hoped for,” he wrote in his letter, which Baltimore Fishbowl ran with a story about the incident.

That prompted Pugh to honor the officer at City Hall on Wednesday.

“Officer Dolcine was sincere, genuine and present,” the mayor said. “He had his daughter smiling soon after this horrific crash.”

Pugh said she wanted to recognize the officer for the service he provided.

“To get a letter from a citizen to say that it was his attitude, it was how he handled the situation, it was how he calmed down my daughters, I just thought it deserved a recognition and just a reminder to the public that we have police officers on our force that care about our communities and who want to make sure that we’re safe,” she said.

Dolcine told WJZ-TV he would have responded the same way to anyone in a similar situation.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” he said. “I haven’t changed. I haven’t wavered.”

In the Baltimore Police Department, “we’re fathers, we’re uncles, we’re grandparents, brothers and sisters,” he told WJZ after the ceremony. “So, we are one of you.”

The Nolleys have recovered from the accident. They even had a reunion with Dolcine one month afterwards.

Ed Gunts

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