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Mayor Catherine Pugh Honors City Police Officer who Helped Family After Serious Car Accident

Still via footage from Mayor’s Office/WJZ

The city police officer who helped a Baltimore family recover after a serious car accident has been honored by Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Family Praises City Police Officer for Being ‘Exactly What We Needed’ After Severe Car Accident

Photo courtesy Dawson and Jennifer Nolley

Baltimoreans hear a lot about city police officers when they do something wrong. But recently, one Baltimore resident, Dawson Nolley, wanted to get the word out about an instance where an officer was a hero to his family.

Another Bad Week for Maryland Drivers



You’d think that the fatal crab shack accident and the MTA bus crashing into a house would be enough vehicular drama for one week. But you’d be wrong.

Car Talk: A Memoir



UB grad student Ellen Hartley watches her wild life race past from behind the wheel.

1956:  The Chrysler

When I was 15, my mother drove me to the doctor’s to have a growth removed from my neck. I was old enough to get my learner’s permit but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So I had to be chauffeured. Mother was more than happy to comply — she was in no hurry for me to start driving. Especially since it was her car – a shiny new Chrysler Windsor Deluxe – that I’d be abusing.

Comedian Takes on Insurance Company for Defending Sister’s Killer in Court in Baltimore UPDATE


Most of the time, comedian Matt Fisher’s blog is funny. This time, though, it’s not — and for good reason. Two years ago, Fisher’s younger sister was driving north on Calvert Street when another driver ran a red light and hit her car, killing her. That’s plenty of tragedy for one family right there — but unfortunately, it gets worse:  Katie’s own insurance company ended up using her money to defend the guy who killed her. Yep, you read that right.