McCormick Moving Away From Tin Cans, Meaning Changes for Old Bay

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Old Bay’s tin cans are just as distinctive as the spice inside. As of this summer, however, the packaging will no longer be made of metal.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, McCormick announced Wednesday that it plans to produce plastic containers for Old Bay and its black pepper. The packaging will have the same spices inside and the same quantities, just without the tin.

While it means change for a local yellow icon, green took precedent in this case. McCormick wanted to make the packaging fully recyclable, for one. Plus there’s the cost of producing the containers. Using plastic will reduce the Baltimore County-based spicemaker’s carbon emissions by 16 percent. McCormick adds that it’s part of a 2017 move by the company to stop using BPA, which poses risks to child and infant health. The Earth-related considerations have been in the works since at least 2013.

For those who want to keep a tin can around, the announcement now provides plenty of time to stock up.

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