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Route One Apparel Adds Old Bay Brand to its Roster

An Old Bay bow tie because, well, why not? Image via Route One Apparel.

A popular local merch dealer now has the green light to sell items adorned with Marylanders’ favorite kitchen spice.

McCormick Moving Away From Tin Cans, Meaning Changes for Old Bay


Old Bay’s tin cans are just as distinctive as the spice inside. As of this summer, however, the packaging will no longer be made of metal.

McCormick Has a New CEO

Lawrence Kurzius

The new head of McCormick has plenty of spice experience.

McDonald’s is Going to Start Using Old Bay in its Filet-O-Fish


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.43.49 PMYou can get Old Bay just about everywhere in Maryland. McDonald’s is joining the list soon.

Old Bay Brand Announces Emission-Reduction Plans


Old Bay display

Back in March, I bad-mouthed McCormick & Co. Inc.’s limited-edition Old Bay canisters and T-shirts that commemorated the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. I called them “awful” and “ugly.” But McCormick’s energy-conserving plans make we want to make amends.

By 2018, the Sparks-based spice company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent (from 2009 levels), water usage by 20 percent, electricity usage by 20 percent, and solid waste by 50 percent. The company also plans to make plastic bottles that are 25 percent lighter.