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Take a glance around this morning’s social media and it’s nothing but odes to Mom, family photos, and images from yesterday’s Mother’s Day rituals. Breakfasts in bed, fancy brunches, picnics in the park, and family games of tennis. But today you get the chance to turn those genuine moments of family bonding into something more—something you can share with the rest of the family, or simply keep for yourself. McCormick World of Flavors is holding a contest for the best Mother’s Day meal photos. If you think yours can beat the rest, send one on over.

The McCormick World of Flavors Mother’s Day meal photo contest ends tonight at 9pm. That means you could still theoretically stage a fake Mother’s Day meal to try to snap a truly can’t-lose photo. Not that we’d ever encourage that kind of cheating, of course. But it’s hard not to want to when the prize is so great—a gift basket full of spreads and sauces, and a book called “50 Foods That Will Change Your Life.” Yes, mom may have tried to instill you with good values (like playing fair) but wouldn’t she also want you to have that gift basket? And to share its contents with your loved ones?

McCormick World of Flavors’ Mother’s Day meal photo contest ends tonight at 9pm. To enter, simply post your photo on the comments section of their Facebook page.