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Halloween Mask Competition at Mud and Metal


Halloween Mask Competition

catch of the day fish (2)Yes, we know. It’s not even October and already we’re talking Halloween. But we blame all the grocery stores already trotting out their pumpkin-shaped Peeps and ghost-themed breakfast cereals. We’re just keeping up with traffic. And there’s so much to love about Halloween that we think starting early can’t really hurt. After all, it’s a holiday with no gift shopping and no elaborate meals to prepare. Just decorating, getting into the fall spirit, and playing dress up. And thanks to Mud and Metal, we can also get our arts and crafts fix in, too.

McCormick World of Flavors Mother’s Day Photo Contest


mother's day gift basket

catch of the day fish (2)Take a glance around this morning’s social media and it’s nothing but odes to Mom, family photos, and images from yesterday’s Mother’s Day rituals. Breakfasts in bed, fancy brunches, picnics in the park, and family games of tennis. But today you get the chance to turn those genuine moments of family bonding into something more—something you can share with the rest of the family, or simply keep for yourself. McCormick World of Flavors is holding a contest for the best Mother’s Day meal photos. If you think yours can beat the rest, send one on over.

Sky’s the Limit Contest from the Mt. Washington Tavern


Sky's the Limit

catch of the day fish (2)Last week, while having brunch at a friend’s house, the hostess opened her liquor cabinet and started taking out bottle after bottle of “weird liqueurs” that some friends had left her with when they moved. She threw ice cubes into a number of tumblers and said, “Please make something. I just want to use this stuff up.” As well-mannered guests, of course we all obliged. Needless to say, the concoctions we came up with stole the show. The frittata and muffins were great and everything, but did you taste my blackberry-peach-rum-seltzer combo with muddled mint? All too often, these moments of genius live on only in our memories—after all, when else will that exact combination of ingredients be available again? And really, with so many virtuosic mixologists out there, who’s actually interested in my amateur dabblings? We’ll tell you who: the folks at the Mt. Washington Tavern as the opening of the Sky Bar approaches.

Quiz Bowl at U of MD



The Yale team that won the academic competition the quiz bowl, which was held two weeks ago at the University of Maryland.


Slate posted last night a fascinating story about the quiz bowl, a national academic competition that took place two weeks ago at the University of Maryland, College Park.

An excerpt:

To its devotees, quiz bowl is less a trivia contest than an arms race. On one side are the keepers of the game, who calibrate their questions to reward true knowledge. On the other are the contestants, who pore over old tests in search of ways to beat the system. This back and forth between the shortcut eliminators and the shortcut seekers has made the game fun and challenging for aficionados. At the same time, it has likely warded off newcomers, those who prefer an occasional round of pub trivia to heated, internecine debates about what constitutes real knowledge.

Held two weeks ago at the University of Maryland, the Academic Competition Federation’s annual quiz bowl finale took place in the basement of an academic building. There was a Bring Your Own Buzzers policy, and the most valuable prize was a $40 plastic trophy. For most of the weekend, it sat next to a case of Pepsi.

Read The Super Bowl of the Mind at slate.com

Charm City Cook: Butter is Your Friend



Ah, desserts. They require precision and care as well as creativity and great taste. And people really love desserts, so you don’t want to mess them up!

Dessert can be everything from delicate to deeply comforting. Some of my latest faves are strawberry rhubarb pie, chocolate cream pie and of course, (crack cocaine) salted caramel brownies! I’ve made those brownies so many times now for everyone from cooking clients to friends, neighbors and colleagues – everyone flips out when they eat them. I have a client who has a standing order once a month. One friend even sent me an expletive-filled text proclaiming her love. That was pretty funny.

Just a Reminder: DuClaw Brewing Co.’s Home Brew Contest Deadline Nears


The April 18 deadline is quickly approaching for DuClaw Brewing Company’s 2nd Annual H.E.R.O. Home Brew Contest.  The contest allows brew fans to enter their own creations for the chance to have their beer brewed by the DuClaw brewmasters, where it will be sold in DuClaw Brewing Co. Restaurants and select other vendors. All proceeds from the sale of the winning brew will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice.

The winner (and their winning brew) will be announced in May, just in time for American Craft Beer Week on May 14, 2012.

Write a Fan Letter to Win Ravens Playoff Tickets


The fan letter is a uniquely moving genre, with all the passion of a love letter combined with the irrational fervor of a fanatic’s rant.

And who could deserve your fan letter skills right now more than the Ravens, who are gearing up for this Sunday’s playoff battle against the Texans? There’s something in it for you, too — one lucky letter-writer will win a “VIP Ravens Playoff Home Game Experience,” which includes four tickets to Sunday’s game (!) and a pre-game party in a heated tent (!!!). (Make sure to drop your letter in one of the purple mailboxes in a Giant grocery store anywhere in Maryland, by January 11.)

Not sure what to say? I’m sure the team would love to hear about how you had to visit the school counselor’s office because you sometimes fight with your friend who’s a Steelers fan, or see a photograph of your pet bunny dressed up in a tiny Ravens jersey. Or you could slip Joe Flacco your phone number. These are all actual fan letters submitted this week. What do you want to say to Flacco, Ray Lewis, & co.?

Deck It Out: Hampden Storefront Holiday Decorating Contest

Hampden Village Merchants Association will hold its first annual Holiday Decorating Contest this holiday season. At least 17 local merchants are participating in the storefront competition.    
HVMA Vice President, Missi Kibelbek says, “Since this is the first contest, we are keeping the rules fairly loose. There isn’t a theme, though eventually the contest might evolve to have one.”
HVMA has scheduled the contest to coincide with the monthly event, First Friday’s in Hampden and the annual Mayor’s Christmas Parade, during which awards will be visible in store windows.
The schedule:
November 27, 2011 – Decorations complete
November 28, 2011 – Judging by HVMA
December 2, 2011 – Awards
December 4, 2011 – Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade
The Hampden Village Merchants Association works to keep the Greater Hampden area’s (including businesses in Medfield, Woodberry, Remington, and Roland Park) community of mostly independent and locally owned shops, restaurants and businesses safe, unique and beautiful. To make Hampden shopping as convenient and accessible as possible, Baltimore City’s first Shuttlebug bus regularly services the area.
Other HVMA-sponsored holiday events:

– Saturday, Dec. 3: The 4th Annual Ms. Santa Pub Crawl
– Friday, Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23 – Every Friday until Christmas merchants will be opened until 8 p.m., with refreshments, special sales, events and more.
– Saturday Dec. 10, 17, & Sunday December 11, 18 (1 to 6 p.m.) – Santa comes to the Avenue. Santa will be walking 36th St. to greet shoppers and pose for pictures.
Hampden Village Merchants Association- hampdenmerchants.com