The fan letter is a uniquely moving genre, with all the passion of a love letter combined with the irrational fervor of a fanatic’s rant.

And who could deserve your fan letter skills right now more than the Ravens, who are gearing up for this Sunday’s playoff battle against the Texans? There’s something in it for you, too — one lucky letter-writer will win a “VIP Ravens Playoff Home Game Experience,” which includes four tickets to Sunday’s game (!) and a pre-game party in a heated tent (!!!). (Make sure to drop your letter in one of the purple mailboxes in a Giant grocery store anywhere in Maryland, by January 11.)

Not sure what to say? I’m sure the team would love to hear about how you had to visit the school counselor’s office because you sometimes fight with your friend who’s a Steelers fan, or see a photograph of your pet bunny dressed up in a tiny Ravens jersey. Or you could slip Joe Flacco your phone number. These are all actual fan letters submitted this week. What do you want to say to Flacco, Ray Lewis, & co.?