Md. Bacon Festival Runs Out of Bacon, Facebook Rages

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Maryland Bacon Festival an Unqualified Disaster

I didn’t go to the inaugural Maryland Bacon Festival at Rash Field in the Inner Harbor, but I know a universal panning when I see one. Disappointed festival-goers took to Facebook to complain about lines with two-hour waits, overflowing trash cans, too few bathrooms, a lack of bacon (ouch!), and no refunds for unusable food tickets.

Notwithstanding that laundry list of grievances, the organizers’ response claimed that “a lot went right with” the Bacon Festival and that “thousands of people ate thousands of bacon themed food items.” I guess none of those thousands of people are very active on social media.

The statement implies that refunds are out of the question, promising only that “when we produce another Bacon Festival, be it here or elsewhere, every shortcoming of Saturday’s event will be addressed, and we will not make the same mistakes twice.”

Hopefully, neither will this year’s attendees.

[h/t City Paper]

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  1. I stood with the others that endured endless hours of lines to get either micro mini samples (3 in fact actually received) but 7 tickets never used because they ran out of samples and pushed their full price fare to attendees instead! I was one of the stupid people that drove 1.5 hrs to get there and spent $70 on an admission ticket. Bacon Fiasco….should have been the name of that event!

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