Md. KKK, Which Is “Not a Hate Group,” Needs to “Save America”

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via Wikimedia Commons

Now, it’s probably not fair to expect a Ku Klux Klan group to present a coherent message, but color me confused by the Confederate White Knights’ whole angle here. The Md. KKK group held a public meeting in Cecil County on Friday in which members of the group — all done up in robes and hoods — claimed that they are not a hate group, and in fact have no problem with people of color.

So why did the two-year-old group decide to adopt all the trappings — including cross burning — of the Klan? To make their message of “saving America” by impeaching Pres. Barack Obama — for totally non-racist reasons — and toughening our immigration laws that much less appealing?

When a man in attendance asked how the Klan could possibly not be a hate group, Imperial Wizard Richard Preston told him, “We can only ask you to trust us.”

To which the man responded, “Okay, sure. I’m in.” Just kidding. He left the meeting early, unconvinced.


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