For Jonathan Schwartz, executive director of the Lyric Foundation which operates the Lyric Theatre, and active volunteer with The Associated and its agencies, growing up going to school in London, England developed his interest in the arts and influenced his current career path.

“I definitely think that just the exposure to so many different people and cultures in London impacted who I am and my view of the world,” said Jonathan. “I went to countless plays and concerts. Just walking by buildings in the city, you’re exposed to architecture and history. I was very fortunate to have had that experience.”

Jonathan moved to Baltimore, along with his wife Dr. Jennie Faber, an OB-GYN, in 1993 when she began her residency at Sinai Hospital. They raised their two children here and have remained active in Jewish Baltimore ever since.

Here are 10 things to learn about Jonathan Schwartz.

What are you most passionate about?

I would say obviously family is very important. I’d also say that I’m passionate about building community and being an active, engaged citizen. I think is very important to not just be a bystander but to get involved in the community in which you live.

You currently sit on the board of the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC). How did you first get involved?

The BJC is a wonderful combination of my interests in both the Jewish community and in government. I first got involved when I was working for Delegate Jon Cardin – he was invited to attend the BJC meetings and I would go sometimes in his place. And then similarly when I worked for Councilwoman Vicki Almond. I am now the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s representative on the BJC Board. There have always been great people leading the BJC which makes you more inclined to want to participate.

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