Although Linda, mother of four and grandmother of six, did not grow up here, involvement in the Jewish community was a priority from the moment she made Baltimore her home. As a development professional in the Jewish community for more than 25 years, Linda’s latest role is the incoming chair of CHANA.

Charity Begins at Home

I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia in a conservative Jewish home with parents and grandparents who were involved in the Jewish community. I remember my parents’ first trip to Israel and there were always conversations about issues in the Jewish community. My upbringing has clearly informed a lot of what I do.

With my own children and grandchildren, we have always discussed the value of giving. At Chanukah each year I ask the grandchildren to decide on a charity that I contribute to on their behalf.  We talk about various social justice causes that interest them – usually something dealing with food insecurity or education.

No Stranger to The Associated and its Agencies

When I settled in Baltimore, I became involved in The Associated’s Young Women’s Leadership Council and served as chair. At the same time, I studied for two master’s degrees, and received an M.Ed. and an MA in Jewish Studies.

I worked as director of volunteer services at what was then called Jewish Family Services.

It was during the era of the massive immigration of Russian Jewish families to the area. With dedicated volunteers, I helped create a 100-page handbook for New Americans, written in English and Russian. I still have a copy.

At The Associated, I held several Women’s Department campaign portfolios and became vice president for education of the Women’s Department.  Always passionate about Jewish education, I spent many years on the board of the Macks Center for Jewish Education and served as president.

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