For selling the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket, the owner of the Dash In on Quarterfield Road in Severn is about to get $100,000 richer, and that’s great for him. But it doesn’t compare — not by a long shot — to the payout awaiting his customer.

The sole winner of the Mega Millions jackpot is looking at $189 million, or $130 million in a lump sum, which would leave him or her with a tidy $86 million after taxes. (That sum actually sounds like a let-down in context.)

We don’t know who the winner is yet — and if he or she is smart, we never will. (If they’re lucky, a fake winner will offer her services as a decoy.) On the other hand, the owner of the Dash In has a hunch as to who it might be. Does anyone have that guy’s phone number?