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Someone in Maryland Is Very Happy/Sad About Powerball Right Now



The top Powerball prize is now estimated at $1.3 billion. And because I’m a sucker (like everyone else), I went out and bought a ticket — because there’s some small part of me that thinks, maybe it will be me, why not?

Lucky Lady: Dundalk Woman Wins Maryland Lottery Twice in One Week

Photo via Maryland Lottery
Photo via Maryland Lottery

You know how they always say lightning doesn’t strike in the same place, and you can’t win the lottery twice in one week? Okay, fine, I made that second one up–plus, it turns out to be untrue, as Dundalk resident Michelle Fowler could testify.

On March 22, Fowler stopped at the BP station on Wise Avenue to buy $50 worth of lottery tickets for herself and her husband. She used her husband’s lucky quarter to reveal the first scratch-off was worth $100,000. One week later, the couple spent $50 on scratch-offs at a Royal Farms in White Marsh only to discover that they’d won an additional $10,000. And, yes, they used the lucky quarter that time, too.

Who Is Maryland’s Missing Millionaire?



Did you buy a lottery ticket from the 7-11 on Eastern Boulevard last month? If so, maybe you should double check to see if you picked 12-18-25-35-66, because somebody did, and won a million dollars–and hasn’t claimed the prize yet.

Mega Millions Ticket Worth $189 Million Sold in Maryland



For selling the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket, the owner of the Dash In on Quarterfield Road in Severn is about to get $100,000 richer, and that’s great for him. But it doesn’t compare — not by a long shot — to the payout awaiting his customer.

The sole winner of the Mega Millions jackpot is looking at $189 million, or $130 million in a lump sum, which would leave him or her with a tidy $86 million after taxes. (That sum actually sounds like a let-down in context.)

Towson Mega Millions Winner to Give Money to Charity


A Facebook friend of mine posted a status message asking everyone to consider what he or she would do with a million dollars. The point is to be honest with yourself about where you would put the money and to consider what that says about your moral priorities.

Mega-Millions up to $640 Million!


If you have not bought a lottery ticket, now’s the time!

I bought six today for the first time in my life.  The lady at the York Road Giant who sold me the tickets was wearing her carpal tunnel wrist brace because sales yesterday for the Mega Millions tickets were so vigorous she injured herself! We all fantasize about what we would do with the money of we were to win.  Today the Pratt Library urged on Twitter, “if you win, share your love with the Pratt!”

Whatever you would do with your winnings, avoid the pitfalls of so many lottery winners.  See 14 lotto winner who blew it all.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Community Foundation tweeted, “If you won the lottery, what charitable dreams would come true for you?”

Good question. Let us know in the comments.