Towson Mega Millions Winner to Give Money to Charity

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A Facebook friend of mine posted a status message asking everyone to consider what he or she would do with a million dollars. The point is to be honest with yourself about where you would put the money and to consider what that says about your moral priorities.

My problem with the hypothetical is that it’s as easy to imagine being generous with a million dollars as it us unlikely that fate will put you to the test. Why not examine where you put an extra $20 now? However charitable or miserly you are relative to your current financial situation is probably a decent indicator of how you would handle sudden wealth, moral vanity notwithstanding.

That’s why I bet 19-year-old Towson resident Nick Ruth has always lived his life with charity and gratitude. Ruth won $250,000 off a Mega Millions ticket and can’t think of anything better to do with it than donate to the several charities that helped him as he fought childhood leukemia — he has been in remission for five years — as he continues driving to his night job in a 12-year-old car where he washes dishes, waiting to hear back from a police training program.

I, for one, would be honored to be pulled over by this guy someday.

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