Melanie Waxman Talks Tech During COVID-19

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It’s all in a day for Melanie Waxman, Technology Concierge at the Myerberg Center. For the past 2 ½ years, she has managed Myerberg’s Tech-Knowledge Hub, helping older adults with their tech devices through workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Yet since the Covid-19 pandemic, Melanie has taken on an even bigger role, adapting her work to the new reality. So how is she doing? We caught up with this mother of two teenage boys who spoke about tech, the Myerberg and COVID-19.

How has your work changed?

Technology is key to getting through this crisis. On the one hand, virtual programming can help alleviate social isolation, particularly for those who are living alone. Since we closed, in the past few weeks we had to put our entire agency online, including our fitness classes, humanities and arts programs. To get there, we needed to train our instructors on how to use technology to virtually teach and interact. They are getting creative. For example, one of our art instructors recently put together a YouTube about drawing for her students.


You also added new workshops?

We want to help older adults find the resources they need. We recently held an in-depth virtual course on navigating instacart and Grubhub (Apps That Deliver). In addition to walking through how to order, we talked about service fees, showed people how to change stores in instacart, how to tip and how to navigate when there is a mistake in the order.


What is your suggestions for instacart mistakes?

The wait times can be incredibly long if you call. We discussed how to have an online conversation with instacart support. And we told them to make sure to take a screen shot of the resolution so you have recourse if they don’t follow through.

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