Memorial Bike Ride From Washington Monument Planned for Tom Palermo

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Photo of Tom Palermo via Bikemore
Photo of Tom Palermo via Bikemore

A local bicycle group is dedicating their monthly ride to Tom Palermo, who was killed in a crash while biking on Roland Ave. on Saturday.

The ride, organized by the Crank Mavens, is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and head north from the Washington Monument. A group is also planning to join the ride in Hampden around 8 p.m. Usually, the ride is women’s-only, but it’s open to anyone on Monday. Here’s the full message from the Crank Mavens:

Good morning, mavens. This weeks ride, starting at 7:30 from monument north will be a special memorial ride for bicyclist Tom Palermo who, while biking, was killed in a horrible accident on Dec 27th. Bring flowers, notes, candles, anything else you’d want to put at the memorial, and we can stop somewhere along the way to get some flowers and candles if you hadn’t had a chance to. In light of the special circumstances of this ride, anyone can join us- I know that there are many members of the community want to show their support as well. See you at 7:30.

For more thoughts on biking in Baltimore in the wake of the crash, check out Rachel Monroe’s interview with two of the city’s top local bike advocates.

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  1. There is also a memorial ride and vigil planned for this Thursday, 1/1 at 3:30pm:

    Please join friends of Tom Palermo and the bicycle community for a memorial ride and vigil on Thursday, January 1st, 2015.

    For those riding, please meet at 3:30pm at Bishop Square Park on the northwest corner of the intersection of Charles and University, adjacent from the Cathedral of the Incarnation.

    After a moment of silence for Tom, we will ride to the scene of the crash at 5700 Roland Avenue to place a white memorial bicycle in honor of Tom. Friends and members of the community who are not riding bicycles can meet us at this location.

    We will then depart south on Roland Avenue toward Hampden to informally gather in celebration of Tom’s life at Gallery 788 and De Kleine Duivel.

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