MICA and the Flag House Team Up To Create Celebration Poster

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In 2011, MICA acquired the assets and artwork of Globe Poster, a historic showcard printer based in Baltimore. The Globe assets, now the Globe Collection and Press at MICA, were the inspiration for the custom Bicentennial poster MICA created for the Flag House, the home of Mary Pickersgill, the woman who made the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner.

MICA and The Flag House used a set of hand-carved wood blocks originally used by Globe for 4th of July celebrations and carnival posters. The blocks, with their fireworks, flags, exploding rockets and stars, were a great start to designing the poster for the Flag House. The poster also includes the wood type used by Globe to make its posters, from carnival and circus posters to its famed music posters for artists like Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and James Brown.
The poster design selected draws from the original Globe blocks, with some updates for the Flag House such as a flag with just 15 stars, appropriate for 1814. The poster for the Bicentennial dazzles with fluorescent blue and neon red inks, a day-glo Globe twist on classic colors. The day-glo inks were screen printed and the black type was letterpress printed on the presses in MICA’s printmaking department.

The poster was designed by Allison Fisher, a 2011 graduate of MICA and now coordinator of the Globe Collection and Press at MICA, who has worked with Bob Cicero, the last owner of Globe, to learn the Globe style. Printers for the poster included Globe Collection interns Alyssa Taylor and Hana Castanedo (pictured below) and MICA graduates and friend-of-Globe Jessica Condon.


Ray Allen, Provost at MICA, said, “It’s wonderful to see two longtime Baltimore institutions come together for a new take on celebrating America. We acquired the Globe collection with the idea that Globe posters should still be created to mark great American moments, and this is a spectacular example of that.”

Amanda Davis, Executive Director of the Flag House, added “We are so excited to have been able to partner with Globe Printing at MICA. They have a love and admiration for the Globe collection that can be seen in their use and respect of those original designs. The appeal of the poster, for me, is that it is so visually reminiscent of the work Globe was producing in the 1960s. It is definitely more than a commemorative souvenir, it is certainly a piece of artwork.”

The limited edition posters (only 300!) are on sale for $20 at the Flag House during the Bicentennial celebration. The Flag House is located at 844 E Pratt Street. For hours, visit the Flag House website.

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