Monday Night Football Protesters Were Demonstrating Against Md. Fracking Project

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via Dump Dominion
via Dump Dominion

Protesters got the full attention of the football-loving nation as they rappelled from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium during Monday Night Football. Turns out, they were in North Carolina to protest a Maryland energy facility.

The protesters, who are calling their campaign Dump Dominion, went to Charlotte because it’s the home of Bank of America, and the bank’s name is on the stadium. In a statement after the event, they said they were calling on BoA to stop financing a project at an offshore liquefied natural gas facility in Maryland’s Cove Point. The facility, known as Dominion Cove Point, would ship natural gas that has been extracted from Pennsylvania and other states via fracking to other countries like India and Japan.¬†Fracking is on hold in Maryland, but the transport facility was approved last year.

“Dominion is building a facility that would contribute to the economic crisis our country is facing. Bank of America is financing the Cove Point LNG plant, and the surrounding community in Southern Maryland is forced to bear the human cost. This is unacceptable,” protester Rica Madrid said in a statement.

On Monday, Madrid and fellow protester John Nicholson were themselves were extracted after the stunt.


Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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