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Cove Point to Hogan: Help Stop The Dominion Gas Plant

The Dominion Cove Point export facility is two-thirds complete. Source: Dominion.com
The Dominion Cove Point liquid natural gas export facility is two-thirds complete. Source: Dominion.com

As we reported in 2014, Lusby, Maryland, a coastal community known as Cove Point, has found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The seaside community snuggles up to an idle liquid natural gas facility that Dominion Energy is converting to the East Coast’s only natural gas liquifying and export facility.

But Cove Point is fighting back hard. Now they’re seeking Governor Hogan’s help to stop and study the project that butts up to 2,365 homes, three churches, two schools and 19 daycare centers. 

Plus, another critical question looms: Why are we building a huge fossil fuel export facility when we’re trying to reduce global warming Greenhouse Gases?

Monday Night Football Protesters Were Demonstrating Against Md. Fracking Project

via Dump Dominion
via Dump Dominion

Protesters got the full attention of the football-loving nation as they rappelled from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium during Monday Night Football. Turns out, they were in North Carolina to protest a Maryland energy facility.

Dominion’s Cove Point: Poised to Open the Door to Fracking in Maryland

Maryland walks the fracking plank.
Soon, a shipping tanker will dock at Dominion’s Cove Point natural gas facility pier in Lusby, MD and bring U.S. fracked gas to Asia. So much for energy independence.

As Marylanders have been pushing for wind energy, installing compact fluorescent lightbulbs and shelling out storm water and ‘flush’ fees to clean the Chesapeake Bay, our federal government approved a massive energy project here in Maryland that couldn’t be farther from “eco-friendly.”