Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel Reappear on Reddit for Earth Day

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Logo via Mr. Trash Wheel/Twitter

Today is Earth Day, which was enough of an occasion to get Baltimore’s two trash-eating celebrities back at the computer keyboard to answer questions from strangers online.

Their newest “ask-me-anything” (AMA) coincided with the eve of the release of Peabody Heights Brewery and Mr. Trash Wheel’s new special edition Lost Python Ale, a tangy session IPA that will premiere at a party on Saturday. The beer is named after the ball python that wrapped itself around a piece of Mr. Trash Wheel’s machinery during summer 2015.

To mark the occasion, the snake periodically joined the trash wheels in the discussion. (Its answers were predictable.):

  • “What’s your favorite sporting equipment and your favorite programming language?” asked one user. The snake’s response: “Sssssssssssssssssssss.”
  • Another queried, “Who’s your favorite historical figure from Baltimore?” The response: “Ssssssssssssssssssssss sss ssssssss; sssssssss ssss.”

The conversations between the machines and humans were far more interesting:

  • “Now that you have your own beer, are you afraid that one day you might be cruelly forced to devour one of your own empty cans?” asked one user. Mr. Trash Wheel responded with a threatening reference from the movie “Taken” aimed at any future beer can polluters.
  • A MICA student fielded a novel idea, asking if either trash wheel would consider a collaboration with the school or Artscape. “That sounds like an excellent idea! I would love to see more trash turned into art all over the city!” returned Professor Trash Wheel.
  • Showing his creative side in response to a query about his ideal song, Mr. Trash Wheel wrote out full lyrics to a piece that he said should be composed by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra bassist Jonathan Jensen. Ideally, it would be “a folk/jazz fusion thing,” he said.

We also caught a glimpse of some very literal narcissism from Mr. Trash Wheel:

  • User: “Do other trash devices get jealous of your wheel, or gorgeous eyes?”
    Mr. Trash Wheel: “Considering that I myself get a little jealous when I see my reflection in the water, I can only imagine they’re overflowing with envy.”

Using humor, the trash-devouring wheels handily reminded Reddit-goers that the less they eat, the better. Professor Trash Wheel’s response to the question, “How are you doing?” summed it up perfectly. “Since I got here in December I have consumed 8 tons of garbage from the mouth of Harris Creek,” she said, adding, “I would say that I’m doing as well as can be expected in this situation.”

Soon, the Inner Harbor- and Canton-based trash collectors should receive some help in the form of more family. Last month, Healthy Harbor Initiative executive director Adam Lindquist told Baltimore Fishbowl the Waterfront Partnership is eyeing another trash wheel to be installed in the Patapsco River’s Middle Branch near Port Covington. A Maryland Port Authority spokesperson also informed said the agency hopes to install a fourth wheel at nearby Masonville Cove.

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