Mr. Trash Wheel Gets an Eye Test

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photo via Healthy Harbor Initiative
photo via Healthy Harbor Initiative

Mr. Trash Wheel was once blind, but now he can see.

Answering a petition drive, the Inner Harbor garbage-collecting water wheel donned a pair of google eyes on Friday. It was only a test, but would appear to indicate a more permanent set of eyes will soon be watching the harbor.

The four-foot eyes were held up by Healthy Harbor Initiative staff as part of a “proof of concept.”

“We think we could go even bigger with the googly eyes, but anything larger than four feet became a challenge to transport for this test shoot,” the org wrote on Facebook.

The eyes would bring the water wheel in line with his online persona, which recently became a hit on Reddit after first dazzling Twitter.

Since they had the eyes out, Healthy Harbor brought a few more Inner Harbor landmarks to life, as well. Check out the gallery.

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