What you need to know about your pet’s food and animal by-products

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A glance through the ingredients of your furry friend’s food might leave you with some questions. What exactly is animal by-product meal? If the food has all the nutrients my pet needs, does it even matter?

At Relay, we’ve been learning a lot about what goes into popular brands of pet food. And, for reasons we’ll talk about in a minute, we’ve decided to eliminate products containing animal by-products from our shelves and add new, all-natural pet foods we trust (and give our own pets).

Here’s the deal. In the next section, we’ll talk about the reality of animal by-products. Spoiler alert, it’s not pretty. If you want to avoid the details, skip to the next headline to learn more about what’s new for your pets.


What does “animal by-product” mean?

Animal by-products are the parts of an animal that remain when the parts considered edible for humans have been removed. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Click to read full article.


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