Why Is a Neo-Nazi Lawyer Representing Baltimore Police? (UPDATED)

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Photo via splcenter.org
The National Alliance, a group with which attorney Glen Keith Allen has a “long history.” Photo via splcenter.org.

There are many qualities that one might look for in a lawyer. For a Baltimore Police Department attempting to reinvent itself after being exposed for persistent racial bias, “not being a neo-Nazi” should probably have been the most important one.

According to an article at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, Baltimore is being represented by a “well-known neo-Nazi lawyer” in a suit over the wrongful arrest and 19-year imprisonment of a black man.

Attorney Glen Keith Allen, is being called out by the SPLC over his “long history of supporting one of the most notorious hate groups in America, the neo-Nazi National Alliance.”

Allen’s history with organized racism and anti-Semitism is deep. Records obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) show he was a dues-paying member of the National Alliance for years. Allen was also a subscriber to the NA’s racist publications, purchased entrance to a Holocaust denial conference the group held and bought a Holocaust denial DVD the group sold.

The SPLC posted images of receipts of donations paid to the NA with Allen’s name on them. The article went on to assert that Allen has donated to the white nationalist American Eagle Party, in which he may serve as an officer. (He has been variously identified online as the party’s “national secretary” and its “Vice  Chairman/Parliamentarian.”)

Also, Allen isn’t just representing Baltimore in this one instance. According to the SPLC, he’s employed in the city’s Law Department.

Update (3:19pm): City Fires Allen

The city acted quickly to end its relationship with Allen.

Baltimore’s City Solicitor released a statement saying the city terminated its relationship with Allen.

“None of the historical facts and alleged facts recently publicized about Mr. Allen’s political views and affiliations were disclosed or discussed when his contract was agreed to. The Law Department does not as a general practice question it’s hired or contract attorneys about their political views,” the statement said.

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