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“Racist Anthem”: Francis Scott Key Statue Vandalized in Bolton Hill

Francis Scott Key Monument on Eutaw Place, pre-vandalism.

Is every statue of a racist a racist statue?

In the wake of a nationwide push to remove public monuments to the Confederacy, which prompted Baltimore to take down three Confederate statues and a monument to former U.S. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney under cover of night, an elaborate monument to “The Star-Spangled Banner” author Francis Scott Key was vandalized in Bolton Hill.

Pugh: Plan to Tear Down Confederate Monuments was to ‘Move Quickly and Quietly’

The vandalized base of the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell.

Mayor Catherine Pugh knew she wanted to rid the city of its Confederate monuments, she says. She just wasn’t sure how, and how to time it.

Hundreds Gather at Wyman Park Dell to Protest White Supremacism Following Charlottesville Violence

A peaceful protest at the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell.

A small throng banded together in North Baltimore’s Wyman Park Dell on Sunday evening, many to impart a forceful, resolute message: “If they won’t tear it down, we’ll replace it!”

Why Is a Neo-Nazi Lawyer Representing Baltimore Police? (UPDATED)

Photo via splcenter.org
The National Alliance, a group with which attorney Glen Keith Allen has a “long history.” Photo via splcenter.org.

There are many qualities that one might look for in a lawyer. For a Baltimore Police Department attempting to reinvent itself after being exposed for persistent racial bias, “not being a neo-Nazi” should probably have been the most important one.

Towson White Student Union Founder in Altercation at Trump Rally

That's Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from
That’s Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from WLKY.

Matthew Heimbach was one of the Donald Trump supporters who shoved a black protester at a rally on Super Tuesday in Louisville, Ky.

You may remember Heimbach from the white nationalist groups he led or founded at Towson University in 2011 and 2012. After the Youth for Western Civilization (an officially recognized club which organized a Straight Pride Day and scrawled “White Pride” messages on campus) was shut down, Heimbach formed the unofficial ‘White Student Union’ to walk the campus at night, looking for “black-male-on-white-female crime.”