That's Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from
That’s Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from WLKY.
That’s Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from WLKY.

Matthew Heimbach was one of the Donald Trump supporters who shoved a black protester at a rally on Super Tuesday in Louisville, Ky.

You may remember Heimbach from the white nationalist groups he led or founded at Towson University in 2011 and 2012. After the Youth for Western Civilization (an officially recognized club which organized a Straight Pride Day and scrawled “White Pride” messages on campus) was shut down, Heimbach formed the unofficial ‘White Student Union’ to walk the campus at night, looking for “black-male-on-white-female crime.”

WSU was later supplanted by a more ambitious national group, Traditionalist Youth Network. In 2014, Heimbach ceased his work with the Traditionalist Youth Network following an ultimatum from his parish priest. But his vacation from white nationalism was a brief one. In January of 2015, he founded the Traditionalist Workers Party, a political party dedicated to “defending faith, family, and folk” (if you know what I mean).

So it should not be at all surprising that Heimbach was spotted wearing a red baseball cap at a Trump rally, nor that he was one of the attendees who shoved a protester:

YouTube video

Heimbach has given his own take on the incident: “[T]he disruptors were free to swing around shouting and barking and pushing the crowd around until the crowd finally took matters into their own hands.” He criticized Black Lives Matter protesters for having “convinced themselves that these rank-and-file Trump supporters and even Trump himself are synonymous with the Klan, or at least with outright nationalists like myself.”

Which is, well… What?!

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  1. So your implying that is no surprise he wore a red TRUMP hat that he and all that do wear red TRUMP hats are racist. It great to know you have a very open mind.

    1. This current version of this article has apparently been edited with comments deleted including mine. But what else can you expect from a bigoted news article. Whether the reporter is just brain dead or just following instructions

    2. We don’t delete comments unless the commenter uses a vulgarity or resorts to name-calling (loser, moron, idiot and the like). All our comments must be approved, which we do because we receive comments that are spam posing as a comment (‘Nikes half-off’ with a link, for example). Sometimes we receive three or four of the same comment b/c there is a lag time on approval of comments and the reader believes that the comment did not get to us. In that case, we will approve only the most recent comment. In your case, the comment was written at 9:30 p.m. on Friday night. We do not have a weekend staff at the Baltimore Fishbowl (we would love one, however, we just don’t have the money), so there was a greater lag time than normal on approval of your comment. Sorry about that.

  2. Why is she in Trump rally? she does not belong there. These uncivilized people are always creating trouble and then yelled racist. They should not be tolerated, they are trespasser. They demand their right, what about the other person’s right. It should be like this… if you are not there in the rally where you don’t belong anyway, there will be no trouble. You don’t have the right, you are a trespasser. And the student who has the right to be in the rally is the one in trouble. This is wrong, so wrong!. The man has to be there. Trump Trump Trump All the way to the white house.

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