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Towson’s White Nationalist Is Still Causing Trouble



A clash between avowed white nationalists and anti-fascist protestors at the California state house this weekend resulted in chaos and at least 10 injured people. And guess who was right in the middle of things?

Towson White Student Union Founder in Altercation at Trump Rally

That's Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from
That’s Heimbach in the red baseball cap. Still from WLKY.

Matthew Heimbach was one of the Donald Trump supporters who shoved a black protester at a rally on Super Tuesday in Louisville, Ky.

You may remember Heimbach from the white nationalist groups he led or founded at Towson University in 2011 and 2012. After the Youth for Western Civilization (an officially recognized club which organized a Straight Pride Day and scrawled “White Pride” messages on campus) was shut down, Heimbach formed the unofficial ‘White Student Union’ to walk the campus at night, looking for “black-male-on-white-female crime.”

Tagging Along on Towson’s White Student Union’s Nighttime Crime Patrol

Photo of a White Student Union member's truck, by Caitlin Dickson. (The WSU member is not a Towson student.)
Photo of a White Student Union member’s truck, by Caitlin Dickson. (The WSU member is not a Towson student.)

Remember those “nighttime patrols” that Towson’s White Student Union announced last month to much media outcry? (The idea was that the group’s members would patrol the mean streets of Towson unarmed, looking for black men committing crimes against white women.) Well, some reporters actually tagged along last week — and the results may surprise you.

Towson’s White Students Union Takes Its Craziest Step Yet



I almost sympathize with Towson’s White Student Union, our most ardent local race-baiting trolls. How do you top causing a national firestorm by advocating segregation during CPAC? And since it’s clear that Matthew Heimbach and his WSU cohorts are more about getting press and making people angry rather than causing measured, rational debate, it had to be something big.

Towson Student Advocates Racial Segregation; Verbal Brawl Ensues


Usually when the subject is “Towson University students causing a ruckus by being provocatively hateful about race (or sexual orientation!), our old pal Matthew Heimbach has been the culprit. (If you don’t remember, he’s the college student who started a White Student Union, hosted a Straight Pride day, and chalked “WHITE PRIDE” messages all over Towson’s campus — right before a bunch of tour groups came through.) So we were surprised to learn that the Towson student who caused a “verbal brawl” at the prominent conservative CPAC conference by advocating segregation — yes, you heard me right, he is pro-segregation — I was surprised to hear that the culprit wasn’t Heimbach. But, of course, there’s more to the story than that.

Towson’s White Student Union Hits the Big Time


I’m starting to think that Matthew Heimbach, crusader on behalf of the white race/Towson senior/founder of the school’s White Student Union, is an evil genius. Not necessarily for the same reasons as the Southern Poverty Law Center (who describes the student as a “white nationalist”), although that may be true, but because he’s managed to parlay his rabblerousing into a significant media presence. Case in point:  the Huffington Post just invited him to be on a panel with a host of experts, professors, and people we generally take seriously.

White Nationalist’s Speech at Towson is Predictably Rowdy, Contentious

Towson student Matt Heimbach spearheaded Taylor’s visit to Towson.

The Towson Towerlight‘s initial coverage of white nationalist Jared Taylor’s visit to the Towson University campus describes a (predictably) contentious event. “Administration stepping in to regulate dialogue,” the student paper’s Twitter feed reported yesterday. “Audience is becoming rowdy.”

Towson’s White Student Union Invites “Moderate” White Nationalist to Campus


Jared Taylor, white nationalist, invited to speak at Towson University

Well, at least the white nationalist that Towson’s new White Student Union has invited to speak on campus next month is a relatively moderate white nationalist. On the other hand…

Jared Taylor, the American journalist invited to Towson’s campus by Matthew Heimbach’s White Student Union, has some, shall we say, unconventional views. He thinks racial profiling is great. He thinks that other races are objectively, provably, biologically less intelligent than white people. His take on Katrina? “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization—any kind of civilization—disappears. And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.” He thinks we should get rid of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I could go on; I won’t. Okay, one more:  the Southern Poverty Law Center, those experts we all turned to in the wake of the shooting at the Sikh temple, describe Taylor as “the cultivated, cosmopolitan face of white supremacy. He is the guy who is providing the intellectual heft, in effect, to modern-day Klansmen.”

Backlash Against Towson’s White Student Union Begins


Last week, we reported on the newest initiative by Towson University provocateur and white-pride advocate Matthew Heimbach:  a white student union. As predicted, the outcry has begun; a Facebook-circulated petition calling for Towson’s new president to officially denounce the group already has more than 1,500 signatures. “Allowing a ‘whites only’ student group directly contradicts your commitment to diversity — and it serves no purpose other than to discriminate against non-white students,” the petition says. Thoughts?


Ugh, This Guy Again? Rabble-Rousing Towson Student Attempts to Form White Student Union


We’ve got to give it to Towson student Matthew Heimbach:  the guy is good at stirring up trouble. You might remember him from his presidency of Youth for Western Civilization, the group that enraged many on the Towson campus by hosting Straight Pride Day and chalking “White Pride” slogans on the school’s sidewalks. After YWC’s speech got a little too hate-y last year, its lone faculty sponsor abandoned ship, and the group lost its official school-approved status. But Heimbach is clearly not one to give up without a fight, and now he’s angling to form a White Student Union. Cue the drama.